Winscombe beat Dings in thrilling final

Dings U14’s   0 – 5  Winscombe U14’s 

Colin Fear Insurance Services Ltd and our longstanding clients Cyril Dark & Sons Ltd are proud sponsors of Winscombe RFC U14’s who this weekend won their Bristol Combination Cup. Harry Fear (centre) celebrates with his team mates. See below for the report in The Bristol Post;

WINSCOMBE lifted the Bristol Junior Combination Cup following a titanic tussle with Dings at Norton Lane.

Anyone who wasn’t at the home of Bristol Barbarians in Whitchurch, and heard about the 5-0 scoreline may have been forgiven for thinking this was a low-key slug-fest – a war of attrition, with a low level of skill and ambition.

But in truth, this was a spectacular effort from both sides, who came into this showdown boasting unblemished records – something had to give, and, as the final scoreline suggests, it was tight.

This showpiece final was everything good about Bristol Junior Combination rugby, and both clubs should be proud of the way they conducted themselves, both on and off the field on Sunday.

Both sides showed a tremendous desire to succeed, but also a refreshing amount of respect towards the opposition and match referee Ivor Sobey, who incidentally, again underlined his credentials as one of the best man-managers in the business and the most sought-after referee for the big occasion.

From the first whistle, the level of commitment from both camps was evident, and the unrelenting effort continued for the entirety of this knife-edge battle.

On balance, Crusaders came out on top in both possession and territory stakes.

The Lockleaze-based side had plenty of ball, and in all the right areas, too. But it was the Somerset village side that walked away with the gleaming trophy, thanks to one statistic their opponents just couldn’t match – a try.

The Mostly Blacks made a blistering start, with wing Ru Schofield diving into the corner for an unconverted try inside the opening five minutes. From that moment on, Dings began to claw their way back, with Winscombe having to make more and more tackles as the game wore on.

The second half was played almost entirely inside Winscombe territory as Dings sought a solution. Dings skipper Jake Baker was outstanding and was unlucky to be on the losing side. Crusaders threw everything into their increasingly desperate attacks, but Winscombe bravely chopped them down, defending their line as though their lives depended on it.

Indeed, Winscombe’s never-say-die rear guard effort was truly heroic, and in the end proved to be their trump card as they clung on for a memorable victor


Crystal Ball – Employee Claims

If we had a crystal ball, risk based decisions would be easier and our insurance costs would be much lower but I’m afraid we don’t..

We all like to think we treat our employees well but with the increase of vexatious claims and the litigious society we live in, you need to ensure you are protected. If you don’t carry out the basic relevant checks, provide & sign off training, carry out risk assessments for all activities and monitor the welfare of your employees you could be in for a nasty shock.

Only yesterday, I attended a meeting with my client with an insurance investigator whereby an employee has alleged an injury had happened at work. Fortunately my client has all of the above in force to the appreciation of the investigator which will allow us to deny all liability and prove the allegation is false. All records are up to date, flagrant breaches of Health & Safety and Occupational Health reports will support this client.

We not only provide access to the management and control of all protection and cover but access to highly qualified Employment Lawyers to ensure you are protected should you experience a claim against your company.

Weigh up the costs against the risk of not doing it right or experience a nightmare… trust me..

Have you read the Contract ?

We only see it from an insurance point of view when we ask the question, “what does your contract say who should insure… ……”

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions of what you are signing or you may wake up to a very costly surprise.

Most common oversights in our industry are with regards Transit of Goods at varying stages, Construction contracts with JCT conditions and Contract Works queries or whilst you have customers goods in your custody and control.

When is it your responsibility to insure in the contract?

Without going into great detail that will switch you off, please make sure you understand who is covering what and when; it normally states this within your contract or terms of trade with that client. It’s really straightforward. Don’t be afraid to have the conversation, you MUST know the answers from the outset.

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A landlord has been jailed for failing to tackle fire safety hazards.
Students had to be rescued from the multi-occupancy premises at Nine Tree Hill in Cotham after a fire in January 2012.

Landlord Gareth Wilson was found to have breached fire safety regulations and afterwards was handed a four-month suspended prison sentence and told to pay £10,000 costs.

But Bristol Crown Court heard today that, just five months after the blaze Avon Fire and Rescue Service checked the flats again and found there were still fire safety risks which had not been tackled.

Wilson, 62, of Beaufort Cottage in Clifton, pleaded guilty to an additional three breaches of fire safety law.

Judge Martin Picton activated three months of the previously suspended term and added another three months on top.

The judge told Wilson: “I just don’t know how potent a warning someone has to have to behave differently as a landlord of multi-occupancy flats.

“People who rent properties are entitled to expect the appropriate level of care taken for their safety.”

The judge ordered him to pay prosecution costs of £12,441.91

Sam Jones, prosecuting, said after the fire at the 11-room multi-occupancy premises in January 2012, Wilson was found to have breached fire safety law and handed a suspended jail term.

Five months later, as a result of information received, Avon Fire and Rescue Service inspected the flats again and identified a number of fire safety failures.
Wilson admitted not having a written, suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

He also pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate fire escape routes, in that not all fire doors were self-closing, and failing to maintain fire safety equipment.
Giles Nelson, defending, said his client paid £60,000 to have the former office space transformed into student living accommodation.

Mr Nelson said that after the fire in January 2012 his client spent £80,000 sorting damage.

He told the judge: “It has cost him a fortune. Financially it has been a complete disaster. He’s done up the property. It’s gone wrong. He’s spent a huge amount trying to get it right. He’s fallen at this particular hurdle.”

Mr Nelson said his client was not a “shark” but had been negligent.

After the case Avon Fire and Rescue Service’s head of technical fire safety, Group Manager Matt Peskett, said: “We are satisfied with the outcome of this case and that the sentence reflects the severity of the charges.

“As the responsible person for the property Mr Wilson had a duty to ensure the safety of those living in the accommodation. Without adequate fire safety measures lives were put at risk.

“Part of the role of the fire and rescue service is to enforce the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and ensure all business premises and public places comply so people are safe when inside.

“Landlords should be aware that where they provide accommodation they have a duty of care and a moral responsibility to look after their guests and residents. They should carry out a risk assessment and ensure their premises are up to the appropriate standard.

“Failure to do so can result in loss of life and where this comes to our attention, whether there is a fire or not, this may result in prosecution.

“We would like to remind all businesses that they have a duty to comply with fire safety legislation and I hope this case will show just how serious we take our responsibilities to protect the lives of people in our community.”