Crystal Ball – Employee Claims

If we had a crystal ball, risk based decisions would be easier and our insurance costs would be much lower but I’m afraid we don’t..

We all like to think we treat our employees well but with the increase of vexatious claims and the litigious society we live in, you need to ensure you are protected. If you don’t carry out the basic relevant checks, provide & sign off training, carry out risk assessments for all activities and monitor the welfare of your employees you could be in for a nasty shock.

Only yesterday, I attended a meeting with my client with an insurance investigator whereby an employee has alleged an injury had happened at work. Fortunately my client has all of the above in force to the appreciation of the investigator which will allow us to deny all liability and prove the allegation is false. All records are up to date, flagrant breaches of Health & Safety and Occupational Health reports will support this client.

We not only provide access to the management and control of all protection and cover but access to highly qualified Employment Lawyers to ensure you are protected should you experience a claim against your company.

Weigh up the costs against the risk of not doing it right or experience a nightmare… trust me..